Monday, September 22, 2008

IL: Visit from Mom and Dad to IL

August 23, 2008

Mom and Dad took the 8+ hour drive out to visit me and the cats. The good news is, we get to do the touristy thing and visit the sights of central Illinois.

Below is a picture of Moe, he pulled our boat at the I & M Canal. Back in the day before refrigeration, the I & M Canal was built to get fresh fruit to Chicago in less time. From Peru, it took 24 hours on a boat to get to Chicago. The ride was quite factually, and hot. Alongside of the canal is the towpath, which goes over 65 miles. You can actually ride your bike on it for miles, but it is a bumpy ride.

With mom and dad visiting we also got to do their favorite thing, antiquing!!! They not only went to the local antique mall once, but twice in a day! Thankfully I was sleeping during the second visit. And we did enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant, the Uptown Grille. Kind of pricey, but good food. It was nice to see mom and dad as usual!