Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OR: Road Trip Arches Natl Park in Moab UT

August 10, 2009

On our road trip to OR, we stopped in Moab UT for the evening in order to hike at Arches National Park in the morning. There are over 2,000 cataloged arches in the park. To be considered an arch, the opening has to be at least 3 feet in any direction. This is the famous double arch. Mary and I outside of the arches.

Erosion from wind and rain.

Driving into the national park.


Mary and I on the viewpoint of fiery furnace.

Fiery furnace.

Delicate arch.

Double arch on our hike to it.

Looking through the arch. You can faintly see the moon!

Moab and Arches National Park was unbelievable. You could spend days visiting all of the arches and hiking around the area.