Friday, June 12, 2009

NM: Mary's visit to Santa Fe

May 20-26, 2009

In between jobs, my friend Mary decided to drive to Santa Fe to visit. We went hiking, white water rafting, exploring and camping. The first picture was during our hike above the Rio Grande River Gorge.
The mountains of Taos from afar and across the gorge.
Our tent during our two nights of camping in the gorge. The first night we heard a neighbor get arrested and another go the ER for alcohol poisoning. The second night we were awakened by coyotes. I don't know which night was worse, they both were scary!

The rio grande.

The famous church in Chimayo, El Sanctuario de Chimayo in New Mexico is the location where a friar found a crucifix in 1810 and has been a mecca ever since. There is holy dirt that you can purchase and a room filled with discarded crutches, canes and braces. Many people do a pilgrammage to this church especially around Easter time every year.

Thanks for the visit Mary!